Beyond Sixteen Candles: Birthday Parties for Teen Girls

Big birthday parties for teenage girls aren’t limited to a sweet sixteen or quinceañera these days. With the explosion of social media and the pin-worthy party ideas available on Pinterest, birthday celebrations for kids and teenagers have grown more elaborate, especially in large metropolitan areas like Dallas-Fort Worth. How can you make sure the party you throw your daughter is both memorable and fun?

Location, Location, Location

If you’re having a large party, hosting it at your home can be problematic. Parking can be an issue with neighbors, as can the noise level. There’s no way for you to be everywhere in your home at once, so it will be challenging to keep an eye on all the kids. Hosting the party off-site may involve an event rental cost, but it can easily be worth the money to avoid the hassle and potential issues at your home.

Pink party decor at the Frisco Heritage Center

Another advantage to using an event venue is that a good location can make party planning easier. Some locations have a very specific theme or style, and your party’s décor may want to use that style as a jumping off point. If you’re holding the event at a versatile location like the Frisco Heritage Center, then you can simply pick a favorite theme and run with it. Your décor style could be anything from Aladdin or Arabian Nights to Joanna Gaines’-inspired Urban Farmhouse to Gamer Chic, or anything in between.

While a house party can go on…and on…and on, a party at an event venue won’t run any later than you want it to due to the venue’s hours. So you can set the party’s time with confidence that you won’t be still up at 2 in the morning, trying to get the last teenagers out of your house!

Fab Food

Teens will often be so busy socializing that they may abandon a sit-down meal after just a few bites, so your best bet is to create a menu of easy-to-eat appetizers that can be enjoyed while circulating. Pass on the crudité and fruit displays – teens will be most impressed with miniature versions of the food they already love: pizza, chicken fingers, barbeque, nachos, etc. Keep any fancy toppings or exotic add-ins as options on the side.

With beverages, you’re going to want something really tasty and a bit unusual. While they won’t turn their noses up at a soda station, they’ll be more excited about something they don’t see every day. Try a variety of frozen drinks (non-alcoholic, of course!) or an elaborate coffee/hot chocolate bar to see a lot of happy teens.

Celebrity Bakery Sephora Theme CakeThe piece de resistance of any birthday party is The Cake. It’s the focal point of the party, so be sure to set up a beautiful cake table where it won’t be bumped into, but can be seen by everyone in the room. Although there are lots of great occasions where you pick up a sheet cake from Market Street to celebrate, you may want to do something different for this party.

For a very special birthday cake, call Celebrity Café & Bakery.  While you can match the theme of your party with the cake, you can also use the cake to show off what makes your daughter uniquely HER: a sports-theme cake, her favorite color, a makeup theme cake, a character from a movie or tv series she loves…you have an endless array of options to highlight your daughter’s individual personality. Make sure to order a big enough cake – there’s nothing worse than being at a birthday party that’s out of cake!

 Atmosphere is Everything

In addition to the party’s look, the party’s sound is a big factor in the event’s success. Everyone knows teens are obsessed with their music, so make sure to include it in your planning. While you can hire a deejay (or even a band, if your budget is big enough), these aren’t required in order for your teens to enjoy the music. Involve your daughter and her friends in putting together a cool playlist. Frisco Heritage Center’s Depot has a compatible sound system, as do many event venues. You’ll want to be sure to check if its use is included in your event space rental, or if that will incur an additional cost. If your venue does not have a sound system available, renting or buying a small audio system is an affordable and convenient way to provide an amazing soundtrack to your daughter’s night.

Teen girls posing with photo props

Boredom is a party-killer. Set up a photo station with props: #HappyBirthday signs, etc. and some crazy accessories for the guests to have fun with. A video station where your daughter’s friends can record birthday messages can be set up in another corner. Be sure to have an area where the kids can dance available by the music. For epic fun, stage a lip sync battle: contestants draw for songs and the winner is the ham who receives the loudest applause. Provide a gift card to the winner.

The best teen parties keep things moving and don’t have much “dead time” with nothing going on. The worst thing you can do is simply set a bunch of teenagers loose with just some music playing and a pizza, hoping they’ll have a good time. Spread the food and drinks out as much as possible: you want to keep these kids in motion.

The party should run two hours minimum and three hours maximum. Any longer and not only will you be dead on your feet, but the party will lag. What was “the coolest party ever” an hour ago will seem boring and some kids might even post something along those lines. The best way to avoid this is to stick with the three G’s: Good Food, Good Fun, Goodbye! It’s always smart to leave people wanting more. The kids will be clamoring for your daughter’s next party, although you may need a little time to recover from this one!

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